ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Monday said Pakistan was not in a quest for the permanent seat of United Nations Security Council (UNSC), adding that the very idea of permanent membership of the council was contrary to the spirit of democracy and accountability. In a written reply during National Assemblys question-hour, Qureshi said restructuring of the Security Council should be done only after developing a consensus among all the member countries, as some of them were insisting on getting permanent status while resorting to propaganda campaign, which had divided other countries. The desires of individual countries have held the procedure of restructuring of the Security Council as hostage. He said the UNSC was an important institution, responsible for maintaining international security. The Security Councils is answerable to the members of the United Nations, he added. Qureshi said the efforts to bring reforms in the Security Council was started in 1990 and five issues including reformed its strength, categories of seats, right of veto, colloquial representation and the working procedure and ties with General Assembly were the centre attention. He further said, The circumstances prevailing in 1945 were different from the 21st centaury as we are living in age of democracy, supremacy of law, equality and accountability. In this age of democracy we need such Security Council that would be transparent and democratic, and answerable to United Nations usual membership. He said Pakistan wanted reforms in manner which provided enough chances to the small and middle states for playing vital role in international peace and stability. That was the basis Pakistan had supported extension of permanent membership, he added. Qureshi said, We think that United Nations and upcoming generation can not be ruined by politics of power and dominance. He said Pakistan supported extension of non-permanent membership in the Security Council to cater the demands of 21st centaury.