LAHORE PML-Q Punjab spokesman Akram Chaudhry Monday said the performance of the provincial government was unsatisfactory and was seeking reply from Punjab chief minister over various issues. In a statement issued, he said the CM purchased sugar from TCP at Rs 56 and sold to masses at Rs 125 contrary to the courts decision. He sought reply from the CM that who were involved in cartelization of high price sale of meat, chicken and eggs. He questioned what were the factors behind allowing export of meat in a situation when there was no meat to eat in the limits of the province. He said as many as 72 accused of terrorist activities were being saved due to lack of interest of the Punjab government which also led damage in the prosecution system. He said there was 76 billion rupees surplus in the provincial exchequer in 2008 but in 2010 Punjab was defaulter of 400 billions. He sought reply from CM over the issues of high inflation, increase in crime rate. He said the CM should answer the corruption in sasti roti program and food support program and added why the third party was not allowed for audit of these programs. He said the CM should clear its position over the fake medicines import for dengue virus and corruption in Nawaz Sharif Social Security Hospital. The Punjab spokesman said that the CM should also answer about violating charter of democracy and horse trading. He said after signing RGST why the CM and PML-N was opposing this bill.