ISLAMABAD - Azad Jammu and Kashmir Councils Budget 2010-11 was presented by Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo here on Monday. President of AJK, Raja Zulqurain Haider, chaired the session attended by Prime Minister AJK, Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan, Federal Minister and member AJK Council, Syed Khurshid Shah, and elected members of the council. This year, the total revenue target is Rs5,796.85 million. Total expenditure budgeted for the year is Rs 9,007.20 million out of which development expenditure estimates are 2,200 million and non-development expenditure is Rs 870.53 million. Hence, a mega shortfall of Rs 3,210.34 million in revenues against the expenditures is anticipated this year. Also, this years non-development budget is 10 per cent. AJK Council members development programme is proposed at a mega sum of Rs 338 million (Rs 28 million per member). Another mega sum of Rs 100 million is questionably allocated in the name of 'block provision for the unforeseen and PMs directives. According to budget, income tax collection during the year was Rs 5,352.35 million compared to last years Rs3,850.00 million. The revenue target for sales tax, federal excise duty and other taxes, which are budgeted by the AJK Government and total proceeds were Rs2,335 million. Total Budgeted Revenue for 2009- 10 was Rs6,755.55 million. Total budgeted expenditure for the year was Rs6,755.55 million, of which Rs2,000 million was development and Rs807.27 million was non-development expenditure.