The public psychology of the Bangla populace vis--vis Pakistan, based on bitter memories of West Pakistanis exploitation, should be a serious case-study for sociologists and political scientists. Post-independence Bangla nationalism advocated by Awami League is solely based on Pakistan bashing. Hatred against Pakistan has always been the core component of Awami League led governments in Bangladesh after its separation from West Pakistan in 1971. This hatred is infused in the youngsters minds through their biased educational system and now media is doing the same job. India is the ultimate beneficiary of this situation as Pakistan policy makers have totally forgotten their once population wise major part. In this situation, Pakistani media and intellectuals have also failed to play their patriotic role in sensitizing the young Bengalis about Indian treacherous role and its extended foreign policy options. India is actively working for the Akhand Bharat and is striving to balkanize Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It is a pity that our politicians are oblivious to the emerging pro-Indian trends in the region. Indias extended role in Afghanistan is a great threat to Pakistan and world peace. India is eagerly emerging as a dominant regional power at the cost of Pakistans strategic interests in the region while our policy maker and establishment are caught napping. Our youth should wake up to work for the cherished goal of 'Greater Pakistan comprising of present day Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. This can be done by creating economic confederation of these countries and collectively utilizing national resources for the benefit of these countries. Otherwise, India will eat up smaller countries one by one. QUDRAT ULLAH, Lahore, December 20.