BEIJING (Online) - Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has said Prime Minister Wen Jiabao's visits to India and Pakistan were fruitful and successful with rich achievements. Yang, who accompanied Wen on his visits, told reporters that Wen's visits are a major diplomatic move of China bearing a far-reaching strategic significance. He said both India and Pakistan are important countries in South Asia, adding the development of China's relations with these two countries would have an important influence on peace and prosperity not only in South Asia but also in Asia and the world at large. To develop friendship and good relations with India and Pakistan and promote mutual trust and cooperation is the common aspiration of China and its neighbours, Yang said. Yang said Premier Wen participated in more than 30 major activities and delivered important speeches during his visits to the two countries, which have yielded fruitful results. During the visits, China signed separately with India and Pakistan a string of cooperation documents and commercial contracts worth more than $10 billion. Wen also held talks with Indian and Pakistani leaders. Yang said Wen's visits have enhanced the two-way strategic partnerships with India and Pakistan, which presented China as a responsible country committed to good-neighbourliness, unity and cooperation with its neighbours.