Violent street protests over the gas crisis created a veritable mess in the twin cities. Residents of twin cities blocked off the capital’s airport highway of twin cities for over 10 hours on Monday, demonstrating against debilitating gas shortages and pelting police with stones, besides setting few vehicles on fire.

The angry mob held a rally that started from Rawalpindi and reached the highway, where they blocked the main road over 10 hours. The commuters between Rawalpindi and Islamabad faced the worst traffic jam and difficulties in reaching their offices, schools, colleges and other destinations. The police diverted traffic from Faizabad and Kural, due to which traffic was blocked on I.J. Principal Road, Airport Road and services roads of Islamabad Highway. I believe the police force did their best but this protest shows that the police force needs a counter strategy for such incidents. I feel sorry for the policemen who were injured during the protest as they are also suffering from gas loadshedding.


Islamabad, December 20.