LAHORE – PEC chairman Engr. Javed Salim Qureshi while addressing a press conference said that the Pakistan Engineering Council had formulated the polling system before the elections that was not followed in the elections, which was a solid proof of Government’s rigging. The candidate who has so called won elections is the brother of the PPP leader and MNA Syed Khurshid Shah and also belonged to Sindh. The data entry system was extremely slow during the elections due to which a number of engineers over the country could not cast their votes, also because of that long ques were seen outside the polling stations and a number of senior engineers and women were forced to go back without casting votes, says a press release.

Engr. Javed Salim Qureshi further said that 18 polling stations for 27000 voters in Karachi, 2 polling booths for 4800 voters in Hyderabad and only 2 polling stations for more than 15000 voters in Lahore, are a clear example of the rigging being done in these elections.

The government candidate used their resources to cast their own votes in as they belong to Sindh. All over the country, only 14pc votes were casted while only in Sindh 24pc to 89pc votes.