It has been reported that power rates would be increased to Rs. 15/- per unit from 5 P.M. to 10 P.M. which are peak hours during winter.  This would amount to a virtual 15 percent increase over the maximum rates of Rs. 13/- being charged at present over 1000 units per month. It appears the new hike in power rates is being applied in a stealthy manner over and above the other increases in vogue at present. The people are already groaning under the ever increasing power rates and the latest camouflaged manner of hike in power rates would break the proverbial camel’s back by placing not a straw but a heavy rod over it.

The authorities have no perception of the miseries being faced by the masses over the high power tariff because they themselves have to pay no power bills due to official perks. The failure to build Kalabagh dam in time would come to haunt our politicians who cannot see beyond their long noses to the dismay of our 180 million people.


Lahore, December 20.