The boat carrying around 250 illegal migrants including children, women and 55 Pakistanis capsized while heading towards Australia’s remote Christmas Island from far eastern shores of Java. Nearly 200 are still missing and rescue operations are hindered by low visibility and bad weather. The unfortunate Pakistani migrants who lost life belonged to Quetta’s Hazara community and mostly of Alamdar Road.  The youth aged 19 to 22 and were moving illegally to earn bread and butter for their families. As usual the boat was overloaded and could not resist bad weather and tuned turtle. The Machiavellian role of captain and crew who snatched life jackets and swam away for their life is totally abominable. The gory picture portrays the economic condition vis-à-vis  poor approach to reach foreign soils for better earnings. Earlier, similar casualties had taken place near Greece border. As per statements of rescued people, it costs them nearly US$ 9500 to reach Australian costal areas. The parents should also look at this factor and motivate their children to stay away from elements that induce and lure them to the jaws of death.


Islamabad, December 20.