It goes without saying that earth is a precious gift and should be utilized for the right purpose. So far as fertile land is concerned, it should be used for growing crops to provide enough food for the masses.

In Pakistan, there is little implementation of law; therefore people do as they please. We do not have the wherewithal to curtail the misuse of land. Many fertile areas are being used for the construction of buildings, factories, educational institutions and shopping plazas. The reasons can be attributed to a sudden increase in population, expansion of cities and not realizing the importance of agriculture and its utility.

This tendency has greatly affected our agriculture as most fertile areas are constantly being misused and encroached upon. It leaves less fertile land for agricultural purpose which is having a disastrous effect on our economy as well as on agriculture. There should be clear marking of land which is fertile for agriculture and for building purpose. As Pakistan is an agricultural country, this needs to be done on a priority basis.


December 17.