The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, also known as Peace Pipeline will deliver natural gas from Iran to Pakistan but with the passage of time, it has started to appear more of a pipedream. It will pass through Bandar-Abbas, Iranshahr, Khuzdar, Sui and Multan. In Khuzdar, a branch would branch off to Karachi. The plan was that the pipeline may be expanded to Delhi but because of certain objections, it backed out.  Now given the recent announcement by the previous PPP government, there was hope that the pipeline would be completed within a year.  It is a dire need of the time to complete it within the stipulated time period. Pakistan itself is going through harsh period of energy crisis. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also made it clear that the country’s longstanding energy problems will be its top priority and it has no plans to reverse the decision on the completion of IP gas pipeline. For Pakistan IP gas pipeline has become a dilemma because Iranian side of $7.5 billion project is almost complete but no work has yet started in 780km segment of Pakistan. The completion of the pipeline is in the interest of peace, security and progress of both the countries. It will consolidate the economic, political and security ties of the two nations. If it is completed timely, it would become a panacea for our energy starved people and industry. 


Rawalpindi, December 16.