ISPR has announced that the IDP’s will be re-settled soon this is good news, but I wonder where they are actually going to be sent, this is a land, which is known as the worst place on earth, having no law and order, no judicial system. A year back I wrote a letter in your paper titled ‘Culprit rightly punished’ on the issue of Dr.Shakeel Afridi, favouring the judgment incriminating him under FCR but after perusing the FCR, I came to know that the messes of FATA are living a miserable life, having no access to rule of law and justice. Article 2 of Constitution of Pakistan includes territory of FATAT as part of Pakistan. On the other hand Article 247(3) states, that no act of the parliament shall extend to FATA or any part thereof. 247 (7) de-bars the jurisdiction of superior courts to said areas.

This means that the people of FATA are not proper subject of Pakistan because they do not have any access to justice. The so called laws regulating this region is the product of colonial masters who use this ‘black law’ to control these tribesmen.

Under this illegal and unconstitutional law the political agent of the government is the only authority who decides the fate of people, he can arrest and detain anybody and he can confiscate their properties. A whole family and even a whole village can be held responsible for the offence of one man. He is the last forum of appeal. FATA should be brought under Pakistan law and this un-Islamic should be done away with before making rehabilitation plan for IDP’s make them proper citizens of Pakistan by treating them as equals. Jurisdiction of superior courts should be extended to FATA and Parliamentarians should be empowered to legislate for the welfare of the people. Educational and health facilities should be revamp in order to bring this region into the mainstream. The economic, social and political development is the only effective weapon to defeat terrorism eternally in this zone.


Chiniot, December 14.