After the massacre of 132 school children in Peshawar on 16th December, I think everyone in Pakistan agrees that the death penalty should be re-instated for terrorists. But people are forgetting that although the death penalty has been in place for many years and most of the TTP personnel have been arrested at different times, the Pakistan Justice system has failed to punish these terrorists. Even the Pakistan Army has expressed their frustration with the judiciary on their release of many hardened terrorists on irrelevant reasons.

Therefore there is no point of reinstating the death penalty, when our country’s justice system cannot provide justice or cannot punish terrorists. Take the example of the TTP founder, Sufi Mohammad, currently he is stating in court that he has no association with the TTP and the Judge is allowing such proceedings to go ahead. His arrest was announced in 2009 and the courts are still going on with their proceedings, even after 5 years, while he has been acquitted in many cases, including cases for conspiracy and attacks against the Government of Pakistan. How can the judge, who acquitted him, not see all his actions that scarred our nation for so many years?

That’s why the Death Penalty without a proper and true Justice system in Pakistan has no benefit for anyone. The Government should therefore let the Pakistan army prosecute and punish the terrorists and also declare that no Pakistani court can interfere in their proceedings.


Peshawar, December 17.