Pakistani youth is filled with tremendous energy and towering ambitions. It comprises more than 50% of country’s population. In every country youth has maximum stakes in nation building process. It is the life-line of any country because it is continuously providing the homeland with fresh talent, skills and manpower. It emanates awareness, enlightened and apprised human resource and nation grows with its fresh thoughts. In every developing country youth contributes a lot to bring change and put the country on right track. Pakistani youth is also gaining importance these days even in politics. Their worldview is important, what they feel and how they want to express themselves is significant. The Pakistani youth are poised to take the nation's reins and lead it into what will surely be a turbulent century. Our youth is the real voice of our country. A Child of the New Millennium is one such book written by a Pakistani youth, Fatima Zubair. The book is one example how our youth is enlightened and vigorous to do something good for the country.

The book is an anthology which is more than just a random, eclectic blend of writings written over a period of time and then chosen particularly for their revelatory qualities combined in a meaningful structure. The collection presents a detailed snap-shot of contemporary Pakistan seen through the lens of its youth. The book is divided into three main parts – articles, creative writing and essays on English Literature – and every part is further sub-divided into different sections.

In the first part there are articles related to different fields of life and the issues like globalization, religious fanaticism. The author has also penned down her ideas about nuclear energy, capital punishment, donating body organs, religion and culture etc. This part shows the maturity in the ideas and clarity of her vision about future. She shares a lot of marvelous ideas how we can make progress, relive people from stress and form a good society. Going through this part one realizes the height of mental flight our youth have. They are well aware about national and international issues and posses good analytical abilities. She writes in ‘Democracy – An Impart’: “The Saudi monarchy is never under as caustic a scrutiny as we are, despite being perpetual cringers before the West. This is because the type of government in Saudi Arabia does not affect the global interest, as Lord Palmerstone said, and as it is in Pakistan that the overriding emotionalism of masses eclipses this core basis of foreign relations.” Discussing the effects of globalization in ‘The Onslaught of Globalization’ she writes: “Globalization has had extreme effects on Pakistan. On one hand, it has entailed full invasion of our identity, while on the other, it has endangered an acute desire to reclaim our ideals. It is about time that we learn the proper technique to handle this cumbersome responsibility. We need to define the limits for globalization for ourselves, to choose the term and conditions of how we want this phenomenon to transpire in our part of the world.” In short, the reader gets many new ideas and food for thought in this part of the book.

The second part is Creative Writing and Essays in which Fatima Zubair has given vent to her creative mind. According to the author creative writing helps her to explore the unearthed realms of my consciousness – the unsaid and the unsung! This part let readers to explore the inner thoughts and impression of the writer. There are poems, articles and essays. The writer shares her thoughts about solitude, about natural beauty of Pakistan and the analogies of different poems. This part of the book is full of creativity which infuses a new stream of thoughts in the reader.

The third part of the book is equally interesting. In this part the author explores the different genre of literature – poetry, plays, novels, short stories etc. She pens down what she learned from the works of great poets and authors. She writes beautiful criticism of T. S. Eliot’s poem Hollow Men and the image of modern man. ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrok’ also comes under discussion in this book. Shakespeare’s play The Twelfth Night, The Tempest also become her topic of writings. There are also writings about short stories and novels. This part of the book is really very interesting especially for those who are the students of English Literature.

The book is worth reading especially for students. It is a delicious literary journey of a student. Fatima Zubair, no doubt, did a wonderful job by collecting her writings and then giving it a form of book. There are lot of new aspects in it for every reader and writer.

Title: A Child of the New Millennium | Author: Fatima Zubair | Genre: Stories and Essays | Pages: 330 | Price: Rs. 500 | Publication: Maktaba Jadeed