I want to draw the attention of authorities towards a pathetic situation prevailing in our society. It has been observed during the past few years that underage driving is becoming a fashion, and also one of the reasons of accidents. We use traffic and roads on daily basis but still we are unaware that what could be the consequences of under-age driving.Some days ago we heard news about a little boy who died in a vehicle accident near the Blue area Islamabad; a 15-years old unlicensed boy has taken the life of this school-going boy.

To avoid such accidents caused by underage driving, children should be discouraged. Children should not be given confidence to drive i.e. initially it stars as to fetch some groceries from nearby shop or elders are not available children are given responsibility to drive for family. By this way they learn driving without proper guidance, which is very alarming as well as dangerous.

To learn driving children should attend driving school and after passing driving test and getting license they should be allowed to drive. Only parents and police can play vital role to halt such accidents. There is need to create awareness by different advertisements at FM or through different sign boards the only purpose is to make the people realize that how troublesome under age driving could be.


Islamabad, November 22.