If the government of Pakistan was not sincere on its promise to share its power, why conduct elections for the provincial governments? Balochistan is deprived of its rights and lacks delegation at the grassroots level.

In comparison to other provinces, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, the pervious Chief Minister of Balochistan, was able to achieve the aim of his provincial government to be the first to conduct local elections, however, in the process forgot to uphold the third tier of democracy and compromised on its effectiveness. In districts like Kech, Gwadar and Naal, local representatives recently announced the locking down of their offices and refused to offer their services for an indefinite period of time. The government reduces the competency of the provincial governments by not granting them administrative, financial and political powers.

It is the political right of every individual to protest in an effort to be granted more rights by virtue of the country having a democratic system of governance and to do so in the face of powerful people is of great significance. The provincial government of Balochistan should take initiatives to give the local government its due rights without any delay to bring about the dawn of the new political epoch.

A strong and empowered local government would contribute greatly to the increase in the pace of development of the province; it must realise the indispensability of local bodies and end the tussle of power between the provincial and the local government institutions. For the sake of good governance and real democracy, the role of local government is pivotal and undeniable.


Gwadar, November 7.