SHIKARPUR - The city is suffering due to its choked sewerage system and broken roads.

The North Sindh Urban Services Corporation (NSUSC) has failed to ensure cleanliness on streets as well as main roads in areas like Hathi Dar, Jumani Hall, Lakhi Dar Chowk, Station Road, Circular Road and other public places of the district.

Due to negligence of the authorities, sewerage water has submerged main roads and streets of Shikarpur. There are heaps of garbage in every corner of the city and they are causing outbreak of many diseases.

Nisar Shar, assistant manager of NSUSC, Shikarpur, told this correspondent over the phone that people were facing problems due to shortage of funds. He said the NSUSC director for operations would not release funds on time for routine operations.

Shikarpur Deputy Commissioner Sikandar Khushk was not available for comments despite repeated attempts.

Local councillor Agha Essa Khan Pathan alleged that all funds of the NSUSC were spent in Sukkur and Rohri due to favouritism. He said the Shikarpur district was neglected by the NUSUC administration and Noman Shaikh of Sukkur.

Shikarpur locals Naveed Alam Abro, Zahid Bhanbhro, Gulsher Khan, Sikandar Siddiqui and others said the choked sewerage system was spreading foul smell in the locality. They said that officials concerned had turned a blind eye to their problems. They said there had been no let up in the miseries of the residents of Shikarpur City. They said the situation had forced them to come on the roads to lodge their protest against the NSUSC Shikarpur. They demanded that the authorities concerned take notice of the issue and ensure cleanliness and removal of heaps of garbage from the city so that people of Shikarpur could have some relief.