Girls, who form a large part of the population – approximately 1.1 billion – confront many obstacles in their attempts of achieving their rights by raising their voice. The International Day of the Girl Child is observed on 11 October annually around the globe to intensify awareness regarding girls’ rights and highlights gender inequalities that remain a vast barrier for the development of the world. 

This inequality includes areas such as right to a quality education, nutrition, medical care, legal rights and protection from discrimination as well as violence against women. 

By virtue of both genders being different naturally they are granted different responsibilities according to what suits them best and in certain cases they are granted rights over each other. 

Gender discrimination occurs when men convince themselves that women are lesser individuals and think that they aren’t capable of anything doing good for their family and surroundings. It is unfortunate that gender discrimination has vastly spread in every nook and corner of the entire globe where women are treated inhumanely. 

According to a research held by the (NRHC) National Human Rights Commission, almost 2 billion innocent women are brutally tortured by men every year. It is observed that woman with no rights are more prone to committing suicide. To address this issue and find an appropriate solution is of utmost importance. 

So can we make real progress towards greater accountability in domains of critical importance to them on this day or not? Let’s see! 


Turbat, November 7.