islamabad - Negligence of senior staff at surgical department of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has added to the miseries of ward patients as they have been left at the mercy of trainee doctors.

Talking to The Nation, a patient from surgical ward 5 said that his pancreas was operated few days ago but doctors are not attending him properly now after the surgery.

Other patients and attendants accused senior Consultant Dr Zafar for inappropriate treatment of ward patients.

Noor Khan, an attendant of the patient said that senior doctors mostly send trainee doctors to check the patients when they are on call.

He said senior doctors while on duty pay less attention towards patients, meanwhile, patients don’t feel satisfied by the treatment of trainee doctors.

He also complained about the misbehaviour of paramedic staff which more than focusing on patients remains busy in solving domestic and political issues.

The sanitary condition inside the wards has also become a headache for both the patients and attendants.

A patient told The Nation that sanitary workers also don’t frequently visit to clean the wards, which creates unhygienic environment inside the medical facility.

On the other side stretcher patients, who neither are allotted room nor ward, are adjusted in the galleries also complained about negligence of senior staff towards them.

The department had also come under severe criticism recently when it had given a three-year date to a female patient for the surgery. And unethical behaviour of this department was also reported repeatedly.

Meanwhile Dr Waseem Khawaja talking to The Nation said that including senior and junior doctors, the surgical ward is comprised of 40 staff members.

He said the general surgery department has five wards and each ward approximately consists of 40 beds while number of doctors is not according to the number of patient visiting here.

“90 per cent cases in the emergency don’t fall in the category and they are basically OPD cases,” he said.

Dr Khawaja said that senior doctors follow the schedule and they check the patients routinely.

He also stated that trainee doctors are always part of the medical facilities and examining the patient is the part of their learning.

“Outnumber patients’ daily visit the hospital beyond its capacity and it is difficult to manage all things with pure perfection,” he said.

Dr Khawaja said that stretcher patients are the example of the burden on the hospital but they are also the responsibility, and doctors regularly examine them.