ATTAULLAH CHEEMA -LALAMUSA-With PML-N in the dominating position, the candidates vying for various top Local Government slots are engaged in arranging meetings and consultations to woo the voters for the elections scheduled for 22nd.

The PML-N candidates for chairman and vice chairmen of District Council Gujrat and municipal committees of MC-Sara-i-Alamgir and Municipal Corporation Gujrat, have already been declared successful unopposed.

The nominees and their supporters are enthusiastically engaged in election campaign in various villages, towns and cities of the district. The PML-N and the PTI-PML-Q alliance have entered the arena to show their muscles for the seats whereas the PML-N is numerically dominating party in the district.

The opponents were causing a rift in PML-N ranks and wanted to take benefit from the fissure created by the nomination of candidates but all their hopes were dashed to ground. The PML-N announced Ch Muhammad Ali Tanveer Kotla, brother of Ch Abid Raza, as PML-N nominee for chairman district council, Mian Sher Afghan Tariq, son of MPA Mian Tariq Mehmood, and Ch Shuaib Raza, brother-in-law of Ch Jaffar Iqbal MNA, as vice chairmen.

The PTI-PML-Q alliance leaders contrary to PML-N were perhaps lucky in the matter of awarding party tickets for chairman district council to PML-Q aspirant Samaira Elahi, daughter of late Ch Zahoor Elahi, as there was no other strong political figure to claim the ticket for the seat.

The other two nominees from the alliance for vice chairmen are Syed Faizul Hassan Shah and Ch Muhammad Hanif (PTI). Nepotism factor loomed large over the horizon of party ticket granting politics in the district as the parties accommodated their near and dear ones as their candidates whose only qualification is that they are brothers, sisters or sons of political stalwarts. The PML-N enjoys numerical supremacy district council Gujrat. The PML-N has the support of 74 voters, PML-Q 23, PTI 18 and independents 27 in the house of 142.

PML-Q central President Ch Shujaat Hussain, former Punjab chief minister Pervaiz Elahi and Ch Wajahat Hussain said that difference in number does not matter. They said they had won 1983 elections of district council chairmanship with less number of votes and similar surprise may be witnessed in the upcoming elections, they hoped.

However, the political observers were of the view that PML-N nominees have edge over their rival PTI-PML-Q alliance which has a total of 41 votes. Similarly, PML-N stalwarts MNA Ch Abid Raza, MNA Ch Jaffar Iqbal, MPA Ch Shabbir Ahmed Kotla, MPA Mian Tariq Mehmood and their political associates are also visiting to muster the support of maximum voters.

They said that their political opponents’ claims are hallow that the PML-N candidates would win with thumbing majority.

In Sara-i-Alamgir, PML-Nominee has been elected unopposed. In Lalamusa, the PPP has majority, which is the one and only MC in Punjab where PPP has won majority and would have PPP chairman. Political critics are of the view that success of PPP counselors was the result of Qamer Zaman Kaira and his personal influence.

In rest of three MCs, PML-N has advantage over their rivals.

Both the political groups are utilising their all resources and best political abilities to win the race.