Wah cantt-POF Administration arranged a lecture titled as ‘Say No to Corruption’ for males and females separately in POF Auditorium on Tuesday.

Director General (Awareness & Prevention of Corruption) NAB HQ Islamabad Aliya Rashid was invited to deliver lectures on the subject of ‘No Corruption’. Highlighting various forms of corruption, Aliya Rashid remarked that corruption is the mother of all evils and it is the main cause of trouble prevailing around the world. It badly affects the state of economy, standard of living and social justice. She further added that if a country wants to achieve sustained socio-economic development with healthy foreign investment, corruption must be eliminated at all cost.  She said that the ill-effects of the menace of corruption have become one of the greatest challenges that every country is confronted with.


The developed countries have managed in reducing its size and scope to a minimum level through sustainable measures like building infrastructure but it is quite rampant in developing countries.

Aliya Rashid also talked about the various forms of corruption and how they are damaging the society and reminded the Quaid-e-Azam words that corruption is a poison and we must put it down with iron hand.

She also highlighted the initiatives taken by NAB to create awareness amongst the general public through seminars, talks, books and advertisements. She said that corruption is an evil which is prohibited by all religions. She said, “We must collectively fight to destroy the cancer of corruption that eats deeper into the moral fabric of our society.”

She said that in the anti-corruption efforts, prevention is another effective tool to combat corruption and misuse of authority at any early stage before it happens. She also emphasized that women power against corruption can change the destiny of our country. She also urged women and youth to join the anti-corruption campaign as they can play imperative role in eradication of corruption from our society. Chairman POF Board lauded the efforts of NAB regarding the eradication of corruption in the country and hoped that such lectures will help reduce the menace of corruption in the country.