WASHINGTON:- Donald Trump's upset win in the US presidential election astonished people so much that they rushed to the dictionary to look up the word everyone was using to describe the event: surreal. Indeed, Merriam-Webster's dictionary has named surreal its Word of the Year 2016, the honour given to the word or term with the sharpest spike in look-ups over the previous year. Surreal, definition: "marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream." It actually triggered not one but a series of sudden jumps in people looking it up. - AFP

The first came after terrorist bombings in Brussels in March. Thirty-two people died, as did three attackers.

It happened again in July after the coup attempt in Turkey and the terrorist attack in Nice, France in which a man driving a truck swerved back and forth through a crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks, crushing 86 people to death.