LOS ANGELES-Bella Hadid has opened up about the difficult aspects of being a model and how she rarely receives ''respect'' from her peers during her career.

The 22-year-old beauty has opened up about the challenges she faces in the modelling world and how difficult it is has been not being supported by her peers.

When asked what has been the hardest aspect of her career for Vogue's '73 Questions' video interview, she replied: ''Probably gaining respect from my peers.''

Bella - whose siblings Gigi Hadid, 23, and Anwar Hadid, 19, are also models - says that in order to strive in the industry, you must be ''kind'' as well as ''pretty''.

Bella has cemented herself as one of the top models of the moment in recent years, and previously said the secret to her success is refusing to be ''put in a box'' and remaining authentic to who she is.

When asked what her top tips would be to someone trying their hand at a modelling career, she said: ''100% it would be just to be yourself and to not try to be anybody else.

''And it sounds so cliché, but you see girls backstage sometimes that finally, now, after three years of being in the business, can be themselves and show who they really are, and it's the best part about them. Sometimes people try to get put into a box, and there are no boxes here.''


Bella - who is dating 'Starboy' rapper The Weeknd - believes there's room in the fashion industry for everyone to succeed, and that as long as you are kind and passionate about modelling it doesn't matter ''if your walk is a little wobbly.''

She said: ''It's about the relationships you make, about the kindness that you spread, and obviously working really hard. You have to have a great mindset to be in this business.

''If anybody wants to try modelling, and if that's their passion than do it 100%. There's room for everybody in the business to succeed and I think that people try to pick and choose, but there's enough room for everybody if you work hard enough, for sure.''