The order by the Lahore High Court (LHC) to the Punjab government to ban the employment of children under the age of 15 is a step in the right direction, however, several such steps with regards to child labour have been taken before as well. In a country like Pakistan, the history of the legislature shows that in terms of lawmaking, the country is very efficient. The Constitution along with the rules and regulations highlight almost every other area with regards to human rights and the guarantee of basic rights to all the citizens regardless of their class, colour, creed, gender, and social status. However, the presence of theories does not in any manner ensure their implementation.

Unless and until the government comes up with a mechanism to actually implement these laws, their mere presence does no good for anyone. This is especially true for children who are forced to work at such a tender age because they become a helping hand in the family and miss out on their childhood as a result. The employment of underage children has economic consequences as well. If these children do not work, then it is an extra burden for the families to feed them. This either pushes them towards drugs or crimes, or this leads to them becoming victims of human trafficking or suffer at the hands of their own parents because they cannot afford to keep them alive. In order to ensure the successful implementation of this policy, the government needs to ensure economic means for such families as well so that no innocent lives are lost.

A feasible solution to this problem can also be to shift to the digital medium and creating a database of the workforce in Pakistan. What this will allow is to have all the relevant information regarding people and also create a channel for feedback. More often than not, the problem with underage labour is the abuse that they have to bear. For months, they are forced to live with the family and despite their tender age, they are violated and punished for the smallest of mistakes. What such a database will do is allow the aggrieved party to report the actions and get the required help. An introduction of a toll-free helpline can also give the policy a boost. Those segments of the society which rely on daily wages must be provided alternative means of income for the successful implementation of such policies.