Quaid led a political struggle to achieve for Muslim majority citizens a democratic welfare state called Pakistan, where they could live in peace with members of other faiths, exhibiting tolerance as per teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and freedom to elect their government through the ballot system. Within 6 years of his death, the democratic process was derailed through intrigues of paid civil cum uniformed bureaucracy, who had no role in creation of Pakistan.

Two countries were created Muslim majority Pakistan in 1947 through democratic struggle and Jewish state Israel in 1948. Israel has strengthened economically and militarily under democratic rule, while Pakistan has suffered setbacks ever since it deviated from Jinnah’s vision. Ayub promoted corruption within paid bureaucracy through allotments of plots at subsidized price in Islamabad and polluted political process. This country has witnessed increase in irregularities because of ruling elite’s conflicts of interest, whilst state revenue from income tax has declined.

This insatiable greed for more allotments has resulted in decrease of green agriculture belts on periphery of every major city, creating food shortages to meet needs of expanding population growth. Add to this increase in imports and you have perfect recipe for collapse.

At time of partition cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar etc had sufficient educational institutes of repute and hospitals to meet requirements. Unfortunately education, health and provision of basic needs like clean drinking water and security of life and property was no longer priority of those who held power. Whilst Quaid warned against exploitation of religion in politics, it became a tool for dictators like Zia, who plunged us in proxy war. Political midgets were nurtured by establishment and today we are paying price for their political follies and an impending economic collapse.


Lahore, December 11.