It is true that the Imran-led government has promised people to lead their country on the path taken by Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)’s leadership. But, it is another bitter reality that today’s Pakistan is far behind the roles played by the true leader of Medina.

No doubt, PM Khan has generated a good idea. But considering all previous claims: 5 million homes and 10 million jobs, proper accountability, judicial activism, economic and political reforms, There were some promises that are yet to be fulfilled. So how is it possible for Pakistan to become like Medina?

The period of our Prophet (SAWW) is considered the most peaceful and revolutionary era of the world. No cries, no pain, no tension, no disease, only peace and humanity. The time under the great leadership of Muhammad (SAWW) in Medina was totally different from today.

Population numbers were under control. Social issues (illiteracy, joblessness, crimes) did not persist. All the matters of today that are our most rampant and highlighted problems did not exist. Khan has to overcome all these issues first and then go for other steps.


Shikarpur, December 9.