New Delhi - The 33-year-old India-born Hamid Nehal Ansari – whom Pakistan released after six years of imprisonment – has now expressed gratitude for the authorities back home and also stated that he faced the ordeal due to his own fault.

The happily ever after ending which Hamid would have thought didn’t come easily, it has been a tough road to walk upon and he was tortured in Pakistan as well. The Mumbai based engineer crossed the Attari-Wagah border in a reunion which became a tearful alliance between him and his family.

After Pakistan’s new government led by Imran Khan came to power, the decision was taken and India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had expressed gratitude towards her Pakistani counterpart.

“Coming to India gave me a great adrenaline rush,” Ansari said in an interview. “I am home now, in the midst of my people and in my very own country. I did not expect to get so much love upon my return, and I am thankful to the thousands who helped me on both sides of the border.”

Ansari, however, said he cannot blame anybody for his ordeal because the fault was his own. “The mistake was mine. Though my motives were good, I took the wrong step and I have paid the price for it,” he clarified.

The engineer went “missing” soon after leaving India for Afghanistan in November 2012.