ISLAMABAD - The National Highway Authority has asked the Sui Southern Gas Pipeline Limited (SSGPL) and Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) to pay their outstanding dues on account of the use of the Right of Way (ROW) of National Highways and Motorways.

The General Manager ROW NHA Muhammad Asif Hargan wrote two separate letters in this regard to the heads of said organisations in which they were asked to pay the outstanding dues before 28th of December.

A total amount of Rs151.46 million including Rs56.62 million and 94.83 million are pending against SSGPL and SNGPL respectively on account of the usage of the right of way at different areas of the country.

According to details, an amount of Rs94.83 million including Rs17.55 million for year 2016-17, Rs38.33 million and Rs.38.94 million for year 2017-18 are pending against SNGPL while Rs56.62 million is pending against SSGPL for its regions Hyderabad, Karachi and transmission.     The NHA grants the approval to lay and cross the pipelines to both gas companies against certain charges however it was observed that the aforementioned amount is due from last two to three years.  

However, the incumbent management in ROW wing is working prudently to increase the revenue through such initiatives.  The routine revenue collection from ROW was ranging between Rs300 to Rs400 million annually from last many years, however, the same has been increased manifold in last year and it was around $2.15 billion in the financial year 2017-18.

The said section already increased the number of NOCs for access use and the number increased from 800 to 3000 in last year, which ultimately increased the revenue under this head tremendously.