KARACHI   -  Members of the 41st Specialized Training Programme (STP) of the Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS), Civil Services Academy visited the CPLC Central Reporting Cell at Sindh Governor’s House Karachi on a training tour on Thursday.

They were greeted by Deputy Chief Admin Shaukat Ali Suleiman, Officiating Deputy Chief Shabbar Malik and Officiating Assistant Chief Taimur Siddique.

Abid Ozair, chief CPLC of East Zone, gave them a detail briefing about CPLC performance. STP team lauded the activities of the CPLC in creating a bridge between the law enforcing agencies and the citizens to beat crime. It was also highlighted to the Officers that CPLC along with LEA’s bring order in the city through their hard work which are evident from the declining trend in heinous crimes in the city.

The participant were briefed on different projects run by CPLC specially Shanakth and schools run by CPLC in downtrodden areas of Karachi. The Team also took a round of various departments of CPLC CRC including IT centre and CPLC’s 24/7 Call Centre. The team showed keen interest in the working, operations and functions of CPLC. They were also briefed about the connectivity with different departments and nature of complaints handled.

At the end of the event members of the 41st Specialized Training Program (STP) of Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS) were awarded with certification of participation and they appreciated the efforts of CPLC in helping to bring peace to Karachi in recent days.