Whenever the West intervenes, America as its leader, in any sovereign country, it is always a disaster. With a video posted on twitter Trump saying, “We’ve beaten them, and we’ve beaten them badly,” President Trump has announced the return of the American troops from Syria. The self-declared victory of Mr Trump for America against Islamic State (IS) reminds one of a similar claim of “Mission Accomplished” that the former American president George W Bush made in the case of Iraq in 2003. Since the accomplishment of the “Mission” in Iraq, Baghdad is yet to recover from the disastrous effects of the American intervention. So will be the fate of Syria.

Before anything else, however, there is a need to understand what will be the implications of America’s forces withdrawal for other states that are parties to the Syrian conflict. The withdrawal means that there are losers and winners to the conflict. Israel, probably, is the biggest loser after Mr Trump has decided to pull out his forces from the war-torn country. Israel sees Asad as anti-Zionist. For the Israeli establishment, the US intervention was meant to overthrow Assad like its watchdog NATO (NATO) did in Libya to Qaddafi. Moreover, with the US withdrawal, the Israeli dream for a separate Kurdish state, a satellite state of the United States and Israel, remains unfulfilled.

On the other hand, it seems that Turkey has gained the most by Trump’s decision to withdraw the US forces from Syria. Turkey will face no resistance in carrying out its operation against the Kurdish nationalists in Syria’s north-east parts. There are huge chances that the Arab supporters of Turkey will fill out the areas that the US will vacate. Iran can also boast that it defied all US designs that were aimed against Tehran. The American intervention in Syria was a blessing in disguise as it helped Iran and Turkey to sort their differences out by giving room to dialogue.

Russia, overall, has gained not much from the US withdrawal. Moscow had long ago secured its primary objective of not allowing Assad’s departure. However, the removal of the American forces is a sigh of relief for Russia. However, the withdrawal of America does not mean that the problems that Syria is dealing with will diminish suddenly. There is a long way to go to bring stability back to the country where war has claimed more than 350,000 lives, left millions as refugees. It is important for Turkey, Russia, and Iran not to lose sight of the ground realities. Though IS holds little territory, yet it is a formidable force to deal with.