Islamabad               -            Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) President and former prime minister Ch Shujaat Hussain has said that never even during martial laws such a brutal verdict was given as has been given now against former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf.

In a statement issued on Friday, Shujaat said “A judge has forgotten that everything, including life and death, is in the hands of Almighty Allah,” he said and added, “Justice Waqar Seth has even ordered what to do with the corpse of Musharraf.”

The PML-Q president wondered what would have happened if any such decision had come against a judge. “Whether such an order, as has been given in the verdict against former president, would also have been complied with against him,” he asked.

Shujaat said sadly the decision had lowered the morale of the Army, dealing with the prevailing crisis like situation in the country. “The Special Court’s decision has also given pain to the people of Pakistan,” the PML-Q president added.

Shujaat said that millions of Army personnel, positioned on the borders, were awaiting Army Chief’s orders to give a befitting reply to the enemy.

He expressed surprise that while big jurists and lawyers were debating different aspects of the verdict, nobody was bothered to take into account the pain it had caused to Army men because the ex-army chief has been called a ‘traitor’.

Ch Shujaat further said that Pakistan is an Islamic and civilised country. “People living here are sensible enough to reject this verdict,” he added.

He asked, what was the meaning of the words ‘high treason’ in the constitution? And then went on to add, “Does the sentence inserted in the verdict, “After death his corpse be dragged,” is an equivalent of ‘high treason’?

“If this has been written anywhere in the constitution, then do tell me,” Shujaat concluded.