LAHORE          -        Legislators from two opposition parties exchanged harsh arguments on the issue of putting too many supplementary questions at the Punjab Assembly on Friday.

PPP’s Hassan Murtaza’s remarks of special treatment by the PA staff infuriated PML-N’s Hina Pervaiz Butt who continued scolding her colleague despite efforts of senior parliamentarians to calm her down.

The session started one hour and 40 minutes behind the scheduled time with member panel of chairman Mian Shafi Muhammad in the chair.

During question hour on Auqaf department, PPP’s Hassan Murtaza pointed out that the agenda of every day carried two to three questions of this lady (Hina Pervaiz Butt). He said that other members failed to get even a single question accommodated during the entire session.

“It seems the PA staff has special interest in this lady”, he remarked that infuriated the female legislator from the PML-N.

“You cannot give such remarks about me. You have no right to talk to me like that. I submit questions relating to different departments on daily basis”, Hina Pervaiz Butt suggested Hassan Murtaza. PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Iqbal stood up and made failed attempt to calm down the infuriated legislator. She continued scolding Hassan Murtaza for what she termed indecent remarks about a female legislator.

To a query of Abida Bibi regarding rent of Auqaf owned shops, parliamentary secretary Taimoor Lali said that there was no question of taking less or more than the already decided rent.

Ch Akhtar Ali said that influential people have grabbed 70 kanal land owned by Mian Mir Darbar. He sought details of government efforts to get the land vacated from illegal occupation.

Taimoor Lali said that notices have already been issued to the illegal occupants. After the decision from district administration, he said, the occupied land would be vacated. He, however, expressed inability to give any timeframe.

To a question about implanting lenses after eye surgery at Darbar Hospital, he said that the government was providing lenses of specific specification and quality. He said that some patients preferred to purchase lenses from the market from own pockets. He said that such patients were allowed give own lenses and get surgery at the hospital.

Law minister Raja Basharat presented special audit report of Lahore Ring Road Authority for the fiscal year 2016-17 which was referred to public accounts committee with the direction of submitting report within one month.

PML-N’s Waris Kallu pointed quorum. As the quorum remained incomplete even after ringing bells for five minutes, the chair adjourned the session till Monday (December 23) at 3pm.