ISLAMABAD-With the rise in the intensity of cold, the sale of fried fish has increased in the country including capital city where number of fish lovers of different age groups have thronged local markets to enjoy the winter delicacy.

Considerable rush is being witnessed at fish outlets in different local markets where families come to these outlets to hit the cold with various kinds of fish including Mushka, Raho, Simon, Pamphlet, Mahsher, and Lobsters.

According to fish sellers, “Winter is best season for their sale because due to the drop in mercury, our sales rises manifold and they earned double.”

A fried fish seller said, the demand for fish increases every winter, therefore we earn a lot to balance our budget.

Another shopkeeper said the number of customers was increasing with each passing day.

“I earned double in every winter as people mostly prefer to eat fried fish owing to its affordability,” he added.

“We are receiving orders from people during the day, some want deep-fried fish, some prefer tawa macchi, but grilled and baked fish is the new craze among youngsters during the season,” said a seller.

Many vendors are cashing in on the trend and setting up fried fish stalls outside their outlets to attract fish lovers, said a customer