KARACHI         -        Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and PTI Karachi Region President Khurrum Sher Zaman has demanded the Sindh government and KMC to establish more public toilet facilities throughout Karachi.

“In many countries, public toilets are easily accessible in public buildings and shopping centers but in Karachi and Pakistan in general, there is no concept of public toilets.  Due to lack of public toilets, people are relieving themselves in public spreading horrible public health standards throughout Karachi.” PTI Karachi Region President blasted the Sindh Government and KMC for not taking this issue seriously, as no single pertinent department has data on public toilets.

“Media reports in recent past have mentioned that no public funds were available to finance the construction and maintenance of toilets and that whatever public toilets have been constructed currently were financed by private donations.” 

Zaman refers to a 2012 plan prepared by Hamid Mustafa of the KMC that envisioned the construction of hundreds of toilets across the city on the directions of then-Metropolitan Commissioner but sadly, this plan was shelved.

“I demand that Sindh Government and KMC revive the 2012 plan on construction of public toilets throughout Karachi and allocate the required funds to complete it. 


Construction of public toilets should be accessible to all; not just for men and the able-bodied.