Reference a news item published in your newspaper regarding the promotion of Dr. Kiani of FGSH Hospital. As somebody who has been working in FGSH for the last seven years, I know him personally and so wish to offer my opinion. Dr. Kiani has been working in this hospital as Joint Executive Director and we have always taken our problems and issues to him. We have always found him to be very helpful and genuinely interested in problem solving. He is the perfect man for the post of the administrator as he has the necessary ability, qualification and experience for running a hospital like FGSH. He has this great ability to work under pressure, a quality I have observed by working with him over time. His biggest asset is that he gives the entire staff the same respectful treatment and does not discriminate between his lower staff and the high officials. I think the entire staff of FGSH would welcome Dr Kiani's promotion to the post of Executive Director of the hospital. -DR YOUSAF KHAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, February 13.