THE World Wild Fund for Nature's warning that the construction of three new golf clubs in Lahore would result in the depletion of fresh water resources should be taken seriously. The proposed golf clubs, which would be built in DHA, Lake City Housing Society and Bahria Town, would considerably reduce the supply of water to Lahorites. Given the situation in Lahore, where the water table is going down at an alarmingly fast rate, building more golf courses is something the city and its residents can ill afford. Besides, there is no need to have more clubs. Keeping in view the fact that the sport is played only by a small number of people, the golf clubs in Gymkhana, Royal Palm, Garrison and Ranger's Golf course, are indeed sufficient. It goes without saying that a lot of water is wasted in keeping a golf course in shape. Research tells us that in normal conditions a single golf course consumes about 50,000 litres of waters per day, enough to provide water to thousands of homes. Little wonder the WWF's assessment that new golf courses would be disastrous for the city. Likewise worried by the development, Punjab Freshwater and Toxics Programme Director Hammad Naqi Khan, while talking to a newspaper, revealed that these housing societies had planned the construction of new golf courses without applying for the Environmental Impact Assessments. There is another element related to the issue, which ought to be highlighted. The polo clubs, which are frequently being built around the country, also consume large quantities of water. Their construction must also be strongly opposed. What is worse, the water table in Lahore is going down fast. The River Ravi, that earlier used to supply water to Lahore, has now almost dried up. With increasing urbanization and widespread wastage of water on a daily basis, the situation in Lahore could become much worse than Karachi, where residents have to wait in long queues just to get a bucketful of water. The government must do the needful to prevent the housing societies from building more golf clubs.