LAHORE - The Sharia justice system resulting from the Swat truce is necessary to be integrated with the mainstream legal and political system of the country otherwise apprehension would loom large of its becoming a factor to foment sentiments of the public at various parts for their own legal and justice system. Therefore, the authorities while working out nitty-gritty for implementation of the truce, must endeavour to fit the Swat justice system with the Constitution and the mainstream legal system, said former law minister S M Masud in a chat with The Nation. Masud approved the government attempt to win peace through the agreement on Sharia justice system with the people of Malakand division, however, apprehended it yielding the same result the country had in 1971 after East Pakistan had voiced for the independence somewhat on the same lines. He said the present world is changing fast, as any country or its part cannot stay and develop in isolation of that changes. Therefore, the government is under additional responsibility not to let Swat and other areas lag behind the world, even if they act in their own way, but to also keep its own identity as a developing state intact. As to the American opposition to this truce, the ex-law minister said, it would continue as long as Pakistan becomes self-sufficient of the US assistance and aid and is able to independently frame policies in its own interests achieving economic autarky. According to him, it was a high time to come out of the American pressure by promoting economic and political ties with China which, he added, has always been ready to help us and now strongly aspired to see peace and stability in the region for which it is mindful of Pakistan's economic independence and was capable of catering to that need. But for that, he maintained, the government willingness is a pre-requisite that whether it wanted to achieve the goal of framing independent economic policies. After the release of nuclear scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, he said, campaign is on to bracket him with the terrorist elements although Dr Khan Lab is not operating over the years but that his name is being used as a threat as well as to keep pressure on Pakistan. In his view, Pakistan is facing a serious situation which could be countered only through unity within the ranks of the rulers and of the political parties. Foremost requirement, he said, unity of the masses so that dispelling divisions among themselves, they stand as a unit behind the rulers. He said the need of the hour is rising above petty matters and look at things globally and preparing the people to compete economically, scientifically and technology which, he added, is not possible unless we have independence to frame our own policies without outside interference. SM Zafar condemns journalist death Chairman, Human Rights Society of Pakistan, SM Zafar has condemned the death of journalist Musa Khan terming it enormously tragic while calling for comprehensive preventive measures against such incidents. Mr Zafar stated here Friday that journalists in the country are discharging their duties while endangering their lives. He said it was due to serious dangers coming to their way in the line of duty, his body had dedicated the year 2008 to these valiant solders of media who had laid down their lives without faltering on their responsibilities. He said the manner and time of attack and the tragic killing of Musa Khan Khel call for a thorough investigation bound by time to conclude who are responsible for it and for what purpose he was killed. "Unless these questions are answered expeditiously, the menace of intolerance in its ugly shape of assault and murder will continue to shadow and hamper freedom of expression in the country," he added.