ISLAMABAD -Ministry of Social Welfare & Special Education has reallocated Rs4 billion of Food Support Programme (FSP) which is being run under the Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) to another scheme of the PBM namely Individual Financial Assistance (IFA), TheNation has learnt reliably. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education has finally decided to temporarily suspend the mega project of Food Support Programme run by Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) and incorporate the funds allocated for the said programme into Individual Financial Assistance that is another scheme of the PBM. An official of the ministry told TheNation Friday that the Individual Financial Assistance project, being run by BPM, was a low budgeted programme and at present was running short of money and on the other hand some sort of irregularities had been noticed in the amount allocated for FSP. "To resolve the issue of financial irregularities in FSP and to keep IFA alive, the ministry decided to shift the huge amount of Rs4 billion into the Individual Financial Assistance from Baitul Mal Food Support Programme (FSP)", the official said. Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) administered FSP in collaboration with Pakistan Post Office and Provincial Governments and Rs3000 per household were paid to 2 million households countrywide with annual budget of Rs6 billion. The ministry official said at present more than 3,000 applications were lying unanswered with the ministry waiting for approval of the grant to get medical treatment. "Due to the limited budget of the Individual Financial Assistance, it was not possible for the ministry to address these applications while the mammoth amount of Rs4 billion were lying in around 150,000 post offices countrywide", the official further said, adding that it was the cardinal reason behind the move of the ministry to transform huge chunk of money from FSP to IFA. Sources in the ministry further told that another factor behind the closure of FSP of PBM was the launching of Benazir Income Support Programme and also another food support programme that was currently being run by provincial government of Punjab. "People have started getting Rs 1000 per month under BISP while the Punjab government has also initiated another food support programme therefore the high ups of the ministry of social welfare thought that it would be appropriate to transfer funds to IFA scheme so that the needy people could utilise the amount in the spheres of health and education", the sources said. He said that Samina Khalid Ghurki, Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education had taken notice of the issue and a proposal was moved to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani seeking approval for shifting the amount from Food Support Programme to Individual Financial Assistance Programme, as shifting of amount allocated for a specific programme to another requires an approval from the Prime Minster. Food Support Programme (FSP) was one of the major programmes of Pakistan Baitul Mal out of six including Child Support Programme (CSP), Individual Financial Assistance (IFA), Institutional Rehabilitation, National Centres for Rehabilitation of Child Labour (NCsRCL) and Vocational Training Centres (VTC).