JADE Goody is said to be "absolutely thrilled" with the government's decision to waive her fiancT's curfew for their wedding night this Sunday. Justice Secretary Jack Straw has lifted the order on Jack Tweed, which states that he must return to his mother's home by 7pm every day. Tweed has been under the order since his early release from Wayland Prison in Norfolk after he attacked a teenager with a golf club. Straw said: "It is crucial that offenders are treated equally within the rules regardless of the publicity surrounding their case, but I was satisfied that it was reasonable to allow this." A spokesman added: "Jack has enormous sympathy for Jade Goody and her family at this time. She is showing extraordinary courage and his thoughts are with her and her family." Goody's publicist Max Clifford said the decision would give her a "dream finish" to her big day that would make a big difference to the occasion. Earlier this week, Tweed spoke of his heartache of having to leave his partner to return home under his curfew order. " Digital Spy