LAHORE - Nasir Abad police have recovered a newborn baby from a gypsy colony near Nawaz Sharif Social Security Hospital and arrested an issueless couple who allegedly kidnapped the baby from Children's Hospital 10 days ago. The arrested man, Payara Ali, a beggar by profession, has been sent behind the bars and the police included his name in the FIR registered on the complaint of baby's mother. The accused told the police that he and his wife were facing criticism from the family and their relatives for not giving birth to a baby even after fifteen years of their marriage. He said his wife used to weep almost daily and asked him several times to arrange a newborn baby from somewhere else. He said no body could imagine of their agonies and bitterness of the lives. Some weeks back, he said he made a plan to kidnap baby from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, which was known for a large number of gyne patients but failed due to tight security measures. Payara further told that in the meanwhile he expressed his desire to his half-sister Kausar Bibi to arrange baby from somewhere else. Around 10 days ago, he said Kausar came to him with a baby in her hand and on asking she told him that she has kidnapped the baby from Children's Hospital. He said that his wife showed great pleasure when he placed the baby in her arms. They were so happy that they used to play with the baby even at nights, he said. Incharge Investigation Nasir Abad police Azhar Saqib said the baby's mother Laila-tul-Kubra had been visiting the police station daily. He said keeping in view the situation, he constituted three separate teams and directed the policemen to visit the gypsies situated in the provincial capital, as he strongly believed that the residents of said colony might be behind the incident. He said all the gypsies were searched thoroughly and ultimately police was tipped off about the presence of a newborn baby in the gypsies located near Nawaz Sharif Hospital. The informer also told that the baby was brought there around a couple of weeks back. Following the information, he said police conducted raid and recovered baby from the custody of the arrested accused Payara while he and his wife were playing with the baby. The victim woman Laila-tul-Kubra was also accompanying the police to recognise her minor son. To a query, the police officer said that Kausar Bibi who kidnapped the baby was still at large and police were conducting raids for her arrest. The baby was kidnapped from the gastroenteritis ward of the Children's Hospital on February 10, 2009.