LAHORE - Former foreign minister Sartaj Aziz has said that the Indian media has tried its best to paint the Bombay attacks as 9/11 by naming the incident 26/11 but our media responded positively and refuted such an impression. He was addressing a seminar on "Media Responsibilities for Pak-India peaceful neighbourly relations" held under the aegis of Press Institute of Pakistan (PIP) here on Friday. The other speakers included former foreign secretary Shehryar Khan, renowned journalist Munno Bhai, Jugnu Mohsin and Chief Reporter Nawa-I-Waqt Salman Ghani. Sartaj Aziz said that India got recognition at an international level due to democracy and she did not oppose the creation of Pakistan as it had come into being through a democratic process. He said that Kashmir was a basic reason for the tension between both the countries. He claimed that India wanted to isolate Pakistan at the international level and it is challenge for Pakistan to maintain its entity and promote its foreign policy. He was of the view that we spent more on army due to which the country could not witness prosperity. After Pakistan became nuclear power, the then Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpai visited Pakistan and suggested dialogues over all the issues including Kashmir. He was then hopeful that Kashmir issue would be resolved within 12 to 18 months, Sartaj maintained. In the Kargil incident there was chance to normalise the situation but the army lost it by coming into power. Sartaj said the Indians were of the view that after Bombay attacks they were successful to destabilise Pakistan diplomatically but the media confronted and ruled out this impression by playing its due role. He claimed that had we not become an atomic power India would have attacked us. He said India knows very well that Pakistan had great potential to respond it properly. Former foreign secretary, Sheharyar Khan said in his address that the Indian media and government were collectively engaged in defaming Pakistan over the issue of Mumbai attacks. He said that the role of media had become more important during the last 10 years. It was through the media that Musharraf had to quit as president. Jugnu Mohsin said that boundary related disputes were everywhere but media should not get dictation from any institution. Munnu Bhai said that media was playing its positive role. Salman Ghani said that the Indian media had hatched conspiracies over the incident of Mumbai. Earlier director PIP, Absar Abdul Ali introduced topic to the audience and said that even after fighting four wars against each other we were still in the state of war. He was of the view that basic issue of the both the countries is Kashmir and the time has come that it should be settled.