LAHORE - PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Friday announced that his party will not only join lawyers sit-in rather it was even ready to go a step further for the cause of independent judiciary. 'No matter what the price is, we will not budge an inch till the reinstatement of deposed judges', he said while addressing a news conference alongwith senior lawyers including President Supreme Court Bar Association, Ali Ahmad Kurd, Aitzaz Ahsan and Munir A Malik. He stressed for making the Long March result-oriented, saying that it should be purposeful. Earlier, the lawyers and the PML-N team headed by Nawaz Sharif held three-hour long meeting to deliberate on the issue, and finally they succeeded to convince the PML-N chief to participate in the sit-in at the Federal capital. Nawaz asked lawyers to make arrangements for holding the Long March on foot, than using any transport facility. He said 'our success lies in the success of noble mission of reinstatement of judges and independent judiciary'. However, he avoided giving direct answer when asked if he would remain present in the 'sit-in till its meaningful conclusion and confined himself saying 'should all things be settled now'. During the Press conference, he dispelled the impression that PML-N showed some reservations over its joining in sit-in. He said 'when Long March was announced without our consultation, we did not raise any objection rather we showed our willingness to participate in it'. 'Subsequently, when sit-in was announced, we did not object', he added. 'We are ready to join sit-in from the day of its announcement, and never demanded that a request should have been submitted to seek our participation in the mega event', he added. He hoped that all the arrangements regarding Long March and sit-in would be settled down soon. Nawaz presented a bleak picture of the present scenario saying it was regretful that change being expected after February 18th polls could not come. 'We had seen a lot of good dreams but it was unfortunate they could not come true,' he added. He said that with each passing day Pakistan was heading towards destruction, hopelessness, desperation and isolation. 'It is worst time when we can't find any friend around us.' 'Price-hike, lawlessness and insecurity have gripped the country', he added. He said that country was still under the influence of dictatorship. 'It is our dilemma that after 60 years of independence, Pakistan is standing on the same position',, he said. Nawaz blamed the dictators for all the problems facing the country, saying 'we are under-developed because dictators seized the power by overthrowing democratic govts, disfigured the Constitution, sacked the Constitutional judges, usurped the fundamental rights of people, destroyed institutions and held the Parliament as hostage'. He branded a dictator as the biggest terrorist. He said that since the creation of Pakistan, people had been witnessing the worst situation. But now 'we will not tolerate it more as enough is enough', he said, adding, the need for making best planning to thwart any 'military invasion' against democracy. He said 'if we could not make correct decisions, coming generation would not forgive us'. He said that the lawyers' movement was not restricted to lawyers and political parties rather it was the struggle of everybody. 'We should not let it go vain and should harness all our energy and potential to lead it toward success,' he added. He feared that if movement failed, Pakistan would lose its existence. He said that peace, employment, freedom of expression and access to justice were basic rights of every citizen ,adding, 'people do not expect justice from the judges who took oath under PCO'. Underlining the importance of independence of judiciary, he said it would bring political stability in the country. He regretted that despite lapse of one year since restoration of democracy in the country, people are still waiting for benefits of people's rule. He said only those countries make progress where institutions were strong instead of individuals. Answering a question, he said that purpose of long march and sit-in was to gain independence of judiciary and giving new life to the democracy. How could it work to wrap up democracy in the country, he questioned. He said that Lawyers movement was not only supported by people of Pakistan but also favoured by international community. He said 'we welcome talks with PPP as if issue is resolved without going into long march and sit-in, it would be better'. He said that disqualification case was a non-issue. 'Present judges are not the real judges. They took oath under PCO so their verdict does not have any significance', he added. He requested to every Pakistani to join long march and sit-in to change the fate of the country. He said that a long march had changed the course of history in China. 'We believe that lawyers long march was going to do the same'. SCBA President Ali Ahmed Kurd paid rich tributes to PML-N and its leadership headed by Nawaz Sharif for the struggle and commitment for the reinstatement of deposed judges and independence of judiciary. He said that when decision was taken to launch movement on March 9, PML-N was the first political party that supported it. He said that PML-N had not even favoured the lawyers movement but party continued its overwhelming participation in the lawyers regular demonstrations and rallies. 'PML-N also took oath of reinstatement of judges from its leaders before elections', he added. He called March 16 as most important day in the history of Pakistan. We will also talk with other political leaders including Imran Khan, Attaullah, Mehmood Khan Achakzai and invite them for the sit-in and long march. He said that if we missed the golden opportunity to construct the judiciary on strong foundation, progress would remain a dream. He hoped that deposed CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would be reinstated along with his colleagues. He said that PML-N announcement to join sit-in had boosted lawyers' movement.