Law Minister Farooq A. Naik has stated that constitution is silent on the matter of reinstatement of judges and so no judge can be reinstated. He had been also claiming that 95 % of the deposed judges have already been reinstated but now he has suddenly gone back on his word. The question arises that if the constitution is silent now on the issue of reinstatement of judges, was it also not silent at the time the judges were deposed by General Pervez Musharraf who adopted an extra-constitutional measure to do so? To quote an example, if the buffalo of a citizen is stolen by a thief, would we say that as there is no provision in law to steal a buffalo, nothing could be done about it? Isn't the stolen buffalo, in the normal course of justice, recovered by force by the law enforcement agencies? Why can't the parliament pass an executive order to restore the deposed judges to their rightful place of Nov 2, 2002? -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, February 2.