ISLAMABAD - The students of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) on Friday visited Rah-e-Amal, school for street children and a philanthropic venture initiated and headed by Zohra Fusahat The students of the university upon their visit were overwhelmed by the firm determination of a team of teachers who had devoted their time and efforts to work with these children who have no previous educational experience and are blatantly lacking the most basic level grooming. As the name suggests, Rah-e-Amal's sole purpose is to instill amidst the young ones the values of virtuous and rightful actions. An input output model analogy could be the best way to describe the process of transformation; unkempt ruffians being the input and exemplary individuals being the output. It's an admirable feat that they have achieved with no governmental assistance. Rah e-Amal is a charitable set-up and yet does not seek charity, primarily because the community without being asked, donate generously as they are well aware and can practically observe that their funds are being utilized for the betterment of the future generation. This set-up is a collaborative effort between all the agents who are responsible for its sustenance. Rah-e-Amal sets the standards of the kinds of teachers required by a school catering to the less-previliged. The teachers do their best to impart quality training to these children. Their hard work is integral to run this school and their patience has been impressively unfaltering. The students who are from different age groups are placed in respective classes on the basis of their ability to learn and each child is individually worked upon so that he or she can be placed in a respective class. By the time they spend a few months here they are at the same level as any other normal children of their age. This school that started with five children in 1998 now has an enrollment of 190 and education is being provided till matriculation.