Three key groups of local Taliban in Waziristan tribal area on Friday formed an alliance after burying the hatchet, reports BBC. These groups include Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan of Baitullah Mehsud Group, Hafiz Gul Bahadur Group and Mulla Nazir Group, BBC reported. Talking to BBC by telephone from some unknown place, Mulla Nazir Group Amir said a meeting of all the three groups was held at a remote place in Waziristan, which was attended by heads of the three estranged outfits. It was decided in the meeting that all the three groups would avoid getting involved in petty issues so that the contending forces might not find opportunity to divide Taliban, he added. Mulla Nazir also disclosed that a 13-Member Advisory Council (Shoora) had been formed which would decide steps for the alliance according to the prevailing situation. The Amir of the Shoora will be chosen from the 13-member body during its meeting, but he will not be a permanent Amir, he said, adding that Baitullah Mehsud, Hafiz Gul and he himself would also be members of the Shoora. It merits mentioning that some differences between the three groups had surfaced some time back, which had been causing tensions in the area.