ISLAMABAD " Inflation measured by the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) rose sharply by 24.19 per cent during the last week, ended on February 19, in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year. "Weekly inflation increased by 24.19pc during the week under review if compared to the same period of the previous year", Federal Bureau of Statistics reported here on Friday. The Federal Bureau of Statistics carries out survey in 17 urban centres every week to determine the trend in the prices of 53 essential items. This time the rates of 9 essential commodities swelled, 18 items' prices decreased, and 26 products' rates remained unchanged. Inflation based on Sensitive Price Index (average for all income groups) was recorded at 24.19pc during the week ended on Thursday against the same week of the last year; however, it has risen by 0.65pc in a week time. The break-up of the combined SPI showed that for the income group of Rs 3,000 per month, the SPI increased by 23.66pc on February 19, as compared to the same period of the last financial year. The SPI on weekly basis increased by 0.57pc for the same group. Whereby the SPI for the highest income group, having monthly income more than Rs 12,000, ballooned by 23.96pc on year-on-year basis, 0.60pc on weekly basis. For the second lowest income group (Rs 5,000 per month), the SPI on yearly basis soared by 24.32pc while for the income group of Rs 12000 per month has enhanced by 25.33pc. The essential goods witnessing increase in prices on yearly basis include; onions, 178.98pc, chicken (farm), 57.33pc, cigarettes (K-2) 12.34pc, mutton 11.23pc, wheat (average quality) 42.57pc, beef 17.15pc and fresh milk 22.73pc. The following commodities' prices increased on yearly basis but declined on weekly basis. The annual trends remain as; prices of LPG (11 KG cylinder) soared by 5.88pc, potatoes 10.99pc, egg (hen, farm) 10.68pc, gram pulse washed, 37.87pc, sugar, 61.35pc, masoor pulse washed, 64.79pc, Gur 48.79pc, bananas 7.93pc, kerosene oil 51.08pc, rice basmati (broken), 20.79pc, rice (Irri-6) 35.79pc, wheat flour (average quality) 49.54pc, mustard oil 6.43pc, mash pulse washed 6.81pc, firewood 16.49pc. The prices of the following items did not change on weekly basis but swung upward on yearly basis. The rates of bread (plain, mid-size) increased by 29.77pc, milk powder, 17.24pc, curd 24.44pc, vegetable ghee (tin), 3.70pc, cooking oil (tin) 9.94pc, salt powdered, 19.08pc, tea 38.89pc, petrol, 8.3pc and diesel, 52.40pc.