THE Attorney-General of Pakistan and a presidential spokesman on Saturday strongly contradicted reports that President Asif Zardari has instructed the Law Ministry to take necessary steps for reopening cases pending against him in Swiss courts. Talking to BBC, AGP Mansoor Ahmed said that neither he attended the meeting of PPPs core committee at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Friday night nor has he got any instructions regarding reopening of Swiss cases against the President. Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar also denied the news, saying that he has no knowledge of any meeting between President Zardari and AGP Mansoor. No directives have been given regarding initiation of process to reopen Swiss cases against the President, he said. Earlier, a senior PPP leader, who attended the meeting of PPPs core committee at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Friday night, told Online that President Zardari after settling the issue of judges appointment with the judiciary has given a green signal to the Law Ministry and the Attorney-General of Pakistan to initiate necessary process for reopening Swiss cases against. He said that it was decided in the meeting that the Supreme Court verdict would be implemented and President Zardari would face the Swiss cases in the light of the Apex Court judgement. However, the SC would be apprised of the immunity the Zardari enjoys as President under the Article 248 of the Constitution, he added. The PPP leader told that all participants of the meeting were of the view that the President was given wrong advice on judges issue and they (PPP leaders) should not repeat the same mistakes of confronting the judiciary as it not only causes embarrassment to the PPP but it also tarnishes image of the party. They were of the view that we need to improve PPPs image in the public as the party is to contest the LB polls and its imperative that we improve our image in order to win the elections, he told. The senior PPP leader told that the President does not want confrontation with the judiciary, saying that there is nothing in Swiss cases but since it is the SC order, they would not become an obstacle in the reopening of cases. When a federal minister was contacted to get his viewpoint in this regard, he also confirmed that the government would not create hurdles in the reopening of the cases and the Law Ministry and the Attorney-General of Pakistan would be given directions by tomorrow (Monday) to apprise the Swiss government of the Supreme Court verdict and the governments willingness regarding reopening of the cases pending in Swiss courts.