ISLAMABAD (Agencies) Jet fighters killed 30 militants in remote, forested mountains in South Waziristan on Saturday, the military said. Security forces launched a major offensive against the militants in their main bastion of South Waziristan in October and the military has captured most of rebel bases in the region. The Saturday air raid was in Shawal, a militant sanctuary near the border of the South and North Waziristan regions, where many militants are believed to have sought refuge from the October offensive. The security forces, as well as attacking indigenous Taliban who are trying to bring down the US-backed government, have also stepped up action against Afghan Taliban on its soil, arresting at least three senior members, including their number two man, this month. The hideout in Shawal was targeted after we were tipped off that terrorists were hiding in the mountains, a military spokesman said, adding 30 of them had been killed. There was no independent verification of the toll.