LAHORE Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that performance of the judges of the subordinate judiciary is not satisfactory despite the fact that they are getting handsome salaries. Addressing the judicial officers of Lahore, Kasur and Sheikhupura at Punjab Judicial Academy on Saturday, the CJP questioned the performance of Punjab subordinate judiciary. The Chief Justice regretted that all was not well in the judiciary and We should not harp the same tune of all is well in the judiciary. The CJP stressed We (judges) should hold ourselves accountable about our conduct and performance. The CJP said corruption and corrupt elements in the ranks of judiciary should be identified and kicked out. He warned the officers that if the output was not improved, the substantial increase in their salaries would be withdrawn. He said lower judiciary was the backbone of the institution as 98 per cent cases were dealt by the judges of lower courts because only two per cent litigants could afford to approach high court or Supreme Court. The CJP warned the judges that if they failed to dispense justice to people they would have no right to sit in their offices. Injustice would create disappointment among the people about courts, he maintained. The judges including me would have to make all-out efforts to provide justice in order to sustain the respect and honour of people. Working environment in Punjab is far better than other three provinces but judicial officers performance is not up to the mark, the CJP observed. People have pinned high hopes on the superior judiciary but as far as redressal of their grievances is concerned they look towards lower courts, the CJP opined. He said the subordinate judiciary had no choice but to improve its performance because their failure would disappoint people and bring bad name to the institution. He regretted that National Judicial Policy was introduced for quick disposal of the cases but judicial officers in some areas of Punjab were not implementing it in letter and spirit. He said under NJP old and new cases were divided into different categories but the judicial officers were showing lacklustre performance in dealing with old cases. Praising the role of the media in pinpointing miseries of litigants, the CJP said it was playing its due role and now it was judiciarys turn to plug in these flaws. He quoted the example of a poor litigant in Gujranwala whose case was pending in civil court since 1986 and the case was adjourned on every hearing without any progress. If the weaknesses and mistakes are not pointed out the performance of the judiciary would not be better as the judges would learn from their mistakes, the CJP remarked. He exhorted judges to work diligently and efficiently otherwise people would raise finger on judiciarys integrity. He said all the judges at senior level including him were accessible to judicial officers and they would approach them any time to discuss their problems. Later, Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaj Muhammad Sharif also addressed the judges ceremony.