LAHORE The disclosure of undercover agents of foreign spy agencies residing in the most sensitive locality of the Punjab Capital is an eye-opener for those sitting at the helm of affairs as their mysterious activities are worrying every one residing in the colony. The residents of Sarwar Colony, situated a few hundred meters away from the Fortress Stadium in the Cantonment area, are terrified as they frequently notice mysterious activities taking place inside and outside Houses 87 And 88. We see foreigners sitting in four-wheel drive vehicles with tinted glasses entering the residences after midnight. They block the roads from both the sides whenever such suspected vehicles arrive late night, a nearby resident said, requesting his name not be mentioned. Late on Wednesday night, I saw some foreigners disguised as tourists and clad in short dresses unloading some bags from a luxury vehicle that was parked outside the bungalow (No 88). Black and yellow, but large shopping bags sophisticatedly packed, a housemaid said, when asked to comment. After repeated requests and assurance that her name and address will not be made public, a housewife residing in the same colony informed that 'there is something wrong there. I saw a motorcade of luxury vehicles with tinted glasses entering the residence (No 87) late last Saturday (13 February) night. I was taking a stroll in the corridor of my house at that time. After a short stay of about some 40 minutes, they left. We are worried as we dont know what is taking place there, the middle-aged housewife added. After watching the TV footage of the killers who gunned down Hamas leader in a Dubai hotel last month and the mysterious activities of foreigners in these bungalows, we are very concerned about our security, she said and requested this reporter to leave the spot as there were surveillance cameras installed everywhere to check the movement of everybody. The residents were of the view that they had been confined between the four walls of their houses during night hours and nobody even can walk freely in the locality. It may be mentioned here that special security posts have also been set up in the corner side of both the bungalows, where security guards remain on guard round-the-clock.